« I swear to practice as a lawyer with dignity, conscientiousness, independence, honesty and humanity »

This oath is taken by all French lawyers and guides us during our professional practice.



Emphasis on mediation and negotiation


Drawing on our wealth of experience in the business and legal spheres, we strive to negotiate the best solutions within the scope of settlement agreements, thus avoiding often long and time-consuming legal proceedings.




Our work is billed on the basis of a Fees Agreement, which is drawn up and signed before any services are performed.



Commitment and determination


We undertake to defend your interests from the moment we agree to take your case. We analyse your legal position and your documents in order to provide you with the right advice.


Respect for the Individual


The human values which are at the heart of our working relationships ensure real proximity and a relationship of trust. The firm provides hands-on advice on Labor Law, and a personalized service for each client.


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We offer a wide range of time slots for appointments.

Confidentiality Policy